JTS consultants have worked with electric utilities, gas and water utilities, integrated retailers, and power producers both locally in Canada and internationally. Whether it is the implementation of people, process, or technology change, we draw upon our relevant industry knowledge and dedicated professionals to enable business transformation, and help clients navigate a rapidly evolving industry.

Our people live and breathe the utility world, always up to date with leading edge practices.

We advise and project manage grid modernization initiatives, whether in major programs or embedded within ongoing operations. Our expertise is in business casing, benefit realization, and enabling efficient business processes.

Our team works in major business, operations, and technology roles on metering deployments, from RFI to transition to operations. With more than 20 actively engaged consultants, we guide clients around the typical pitfalls of these major business transformations. Our expertise includes:

  • Smart metering implementation and integration
  • Smart meter asset and operations management
  • Analytics for customer operations
  • Business Transformation planning
  • Change diagnostics and benefit realisation strategies
  • Analytics for reliability and network operations

Our people are at the heart of smart utility operations. We have specialists working in enterprise technology implementation, project delivery, process improvement, finance, and more.

Our team members work in both large transformation initiatives and in augmentation-style engagements. From streamlining existing processes, to updating systems, to developing new functionalities, our team has full life cycle expertise.  This includes:

  • Future state definition, gap analysis and roadmap development
  • Six Sigma, LEAN, TQM and Kaizen methodologies
  • Best practices in process and change management

We help regulated entities (Utilities, Insurers, Railways etc.) put a human face on their regulatory filings. Our expertise is in writing compelling regulatory documents, responding persuasively to information requests and testifying confidently at regulatory hearings.

Formed on the  pillars of Accountability, Objectivity, Transparency and Defensibility, we remove the noise from decision making using our IDM Framework and help clients focus on business value and purpose.

With deep industry knowledge and a strong network, we are well placed for program development engagements and evaluations. Our team is experienced in assessments and business casing, with a realistic approach focussed on business objectives.

Our team works in program design, delivery, measurement, and quality as well as in energy assessment engagements. Our expertise includes:

  • P.Eng and Certified Energy Management qualifications
  • Energy Assessments and Comprehensive Studies (MNECB, ASHRAE 90.1 and LEED Standards; Building Codes)